In Fond Memory of

Troy Brown

A Good Friend and Fellow Artist

October 3, 1940 - May 4th, 2017

"On October 3, 1940, I was born in Harlingen, Texas; a town just a few miles north of the Mexican border. My father dug ditches for high pressure natural gas lines, but during World War ll he became a welder out of necessity.  I worked with my dad, wrapping steel pipe with hot tar and paper. I was 10 years old before I made it to the northern boundary of the King Ranch.

My first introduction to the arts was from my Mom. She was a seamstress and needed help picking the fabric from the feed store to make shirts and women's clothes.  She taught me how to pick colour and how to match patterns at seams and how and where darts should be placed so that the fabric and fit were perfect.

Every painting I start to this day incorporates her tedious direction of the right scale, the right pattern, the right color.  Skills she used putting together quilts. My Dad's tenacity taught me how to finish.

Architectural school was greater than I expected. I was impressed with how articulate and sophisticated my art professors were. They not only could do great watercolor but were able to describe and present it.  This time was a period of dynamic growth in my artwork and creativity.

My paintings reflect my architectural training and thirty years of presenting my ideas and drawings to clients. Perspective and scale are common threads throughout my work. If the combination of the two is correct, the viewer can enter the image with comfort; understanding the image‚Äôs scale and direction. My time on the Navaho Reservation brought spirit to my paintings."


University of Houston: Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Architecture


TNSW: Past Pres., Taos National Society of Watercolorists

Gallery: Sage Fine Art Gallery, Taos, New Mexico 

AIA: American Institute of Architects - Retired 2004

NCARB: National Council of Architectural Registration Boards - Retired

Taos School of Fine Art: Canyon de Chelly Odyssey 2004

Taos School of Fine Art: Ten Day Workshop with John Farnsworth


John Farnsworth - Watercolorist, Photographer, Teacher

John taught me to paint with three primary colors - red, yellow and blue.

The colors in most of my images are mixed from the three primary colors.