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Carrie Schultz

paintings in oil

Having always been a creator of one form or another, Carrie's passion for oil painting was rekindled in 2014 after being introduced to the impressionistic style and the art of seeing.  Plein air painting allows for full immersion into her surroundings and  an avenue for deep focus and appreciation. Carrie also enjoys creating and sharing whimsical watercolors, connecting with the playful imagination of children and adults alike.

Her formal education years were spent in the natural sciences, followed by interesting careers in natural resources, environmental education, tourism, and environmental consulting. Her day jobs currently include working as an environmental consultant and being "mom" to her young daughter. She lives with her husband and child in Taos, New Mexico where they are spoiled with brilliant skies, dramatic thunderstorms, mountains, and adobe architecture. 

Select Awards

  • 2018 - Third Place in Architecture at the Wild Rivers Plein Air Event, judged by Lewis Williams and Bonnie Griffith

  • 2017 - First Place in Architecture at the Wild Rivers Plein Air Event, judged by Richard Nichols and Gregory Summers

  • 2017 - Questa Economic Development Board Purchase Award at the Wild Rivers Plein Air Event

  • 2016 - Second Place at the Santa Fe Plein Air Festival, judged by Frank LaLumia

  • 2016 - Fourth Place at the Wild River's Plein Air event, judged by Paul Murray and Michelle Chrisman