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Dane Spangler

landscape photography


In an age where digital manipulation can make anything possible, I want to find “impossible” moments that are real: to present images that remind us that the natural world is an awesome luminous story, a dynamic living entity of wonder and power. The rainbow is real.

Dane uses a high resolution professional digital camera & a panoramic tripod head to create ultra-high resolution images. This enables him to print very large and retain a truly amazing level of detail. All photographs are minimally adjusted to obtain the most natural color and tone. 

An award-winning illustrator & photographer, Dane’s work has been used to illustrate projects such as JFK International Airport, New Orleans Convention Center & One World Trade Center. In 2003, Dane won a Webby Award- (“The internet’s highest honor” - New York Times) for digital illustration & design on the educational website His work has also appeared in various publications and films including "The Mars Underground" 2012 (Scott J. Gill). 

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