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Rainbow at Dead Horse Point •  near Moab, Utah


This rainbow is real

The post-dawn sun shining through a nearby rain storm into the canyon produced this majestic 215º arc. Circular rainbows are rare spectacles that can only be seen from a high vantage point. Two thousand feet into a gorge carved by the Colorado River, this breathtaking rainbow manifested, peaked, and faded in the span of 11 minutes on the morning of July 2nd, 2006.

Rainbow at Dead Horse Point

  • Open & Limited Edition Signed Prints

    I use 100% cotton fibre OBA-free satin photo paper printed utilizing the latest archival digital imaging equipment ensuring your print will last a lifetime.


    Photographs printed 18” and under in the longest dimension are SIGNED OPEN EDITIONS. Photographs over 18” are SIGNED & NUMBERED LIMITED EDITIONS: a total of 250 will be made of these prints at all sizes and on all media.


    Photographs printed 16” x 20” and under are shipped in a rigid flat envelope. Photographs over 16” x 20” are shipped rolled in a sturdy tube.

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